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Need a gift idea for the toy lover or inventor in your life?

It’s that magical time of year where everyone hops online to search for gift ideas because they are stumped and have no where left to turn. Need a gift for a beer lover who only drinks craft beer brewed in an organic brewery in the Pacific Northwest? Got a left-handed tween who only wears pink? What could you possibly get that unfriendly vegan co-worker who has an aversion to anything made of plastic or whipped cream? No worries! Someone, somewhere on the internet has a list for that.

“But, Annie,” you cry desperately, “I’ve been looking and there are no ideas for what to buy the inventor or toy lover in my life. No one ever makes a list for that! Help me, great toy blogger!”

Side note #1: Well, there might be a list somewhere. I didn’t actually care enough to check because I like making lists and I like books. I’ll always encourage buying books. Especially if they are for me. Also, while I appreciate the praise, I’m not a great toy blogger. I just do it because it entertains me, maybe enlightens some people about the toy industry, and, well, I like to.

Never fear! I’ve got your back and I’m full of ideas (kinda part of the job). Books are a perfect gift. See, you can’t actually buy them toys because chances are they already own it if they are toy-obsessed or torn it apart if they are an inventor. Books are an easy-go to gift.

So, in one of my many shelves of books (did I mention I’m a bibliophile?), I’ve got a section dedicated to toys, the toy industry, and invention. I’m qualified to make a suggestion or two that will fit this particular niche of people.

I’m such a Santa’s helper that I’ve even added the links to them on Amazon, in case you don’t believe my recommendation and want to check them out to see how many stars they might have.

  • The Toy and Game Inventor’s Handbook: Everything you need to know to Pitch, License, and Cash-In on Your Ideas by Richard C. Levy and Ronald O. Weingartner. This is the ultimate hand book that every inventor needs. If you know a budding inventor and they don’t have this book, get it. They need to own it. Like yesterday.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie. This is a book every business person needs to read and re-read every couple of years. It’s not about the toy industry, per se, but more about just being a good person in whatever your line of work. Side note #2: Pretty sure it was the first non-Clive Cussler book my dad recommended it to me. That’s sayin’ something because we’re big Cussler fans.
  • Jump Start Your Brain, Doug Hall. It’s a thought-provoking romp of a book to get your creative juices flowing and step out of conformity. Your creative friend’s brain will thank you.
  • Wham-o SuperBook by Tim Walsh. Great look at a Wham-o’s history and toys that defined generations of kids all written by industry leader, Tim Walsh. You’ll be surprised at how much stuff you remember playing with and forgot about till you see the picture. There’s lots of them, by the way. (There’s also a lot to be said about how toy safety has come a long way!) Tim also wrote a book on Timeless Toys: Classic Toys and the Playmakers who Created Them. It’s another good book, I just don’t ACTUALLY have that one on my shelf, (*ahem* christmas gift hint for me.) but I’ve already read it and it’s a terrific snapshot of the toy industry.

Side note #3: I don’t personally know any of these people. I went to the same university as Ron Weingartner. I know that because I saw it in the Alumni magazine one time. They have no idea I’m recommending their books and they didn’t pay me for it. I suppose I wouldn’t have minded if they did, but really, I just like to support people who are out there trying to make a difference in the creative world. And I like books.

“We are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.”

―Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wishing you a blessed, joyous, and very, very Gigglicious Merry Christmas from our family to yours!