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The End of Summer…Back to Work!

At our house, summer officially ended today.  Yes, our littles (who really aren’t little at all!) are all back to school today.  Our school corporation began a balanced calendar this year and while we will reap the benefits with two week hiatus’ in October, December, and March, it does seem a little strange to send them back this early.  After completing my happy dance as the buses drove off, Ryan and I are back to Gigglicious business and a much quieter studio.

This quote showed up in my Inbox today and I think it is an appropriate sentiment for our ongoing Gigglicious quests.

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”  Paul Coelho

It makes me wonder what Mr. Coelho had going on when he said this.  Maybe he was talking himself into skydiving.  Maybe he failed at dating.  Maybe he was contemplating a snazzy new Snapple flavor to try, I don’t know.   For us, everyday, every phone call, every rejection, every success is a learning experience at Gigglicious.  We come up with the most amazing ideas and mechanisms, only to have them shot down for all sorts of corporate reasons.  Alas, such is the life of an inventor.  But we are determined.  We continue to take the risks and we are learning, just like my littles today. As they waved at me from that  big yellow bus, they were off  to wear down their erasers, miss a gold star now and then, and maybe even get picked last for the team.  But, they were on the bus and they are brave.

So, cheers to being brave in all that YOU do!  Cheers to new chapters of our lives!  Cheers to getting on the bus and taking the risk!