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Lil Snoopy Tippin’ Treats Game

We are always feel priveledged to be a part of the design process for fun & smart toys and games.   We were happy to work with TCG and assist them in developing their preschool game, Fisher Price’s Lil Snoopy Tippin Treats.  If you are needing a Christmas gift for a little person in your life, this is one you should consider!

Lil Snoopy Tippin Treats

It’s getting great consumer reviews.  Here is what one mom said:

“SMALL, COMPACT AND FULL OF LAUGHS!! Definitely still one of my 2Y son’s favorite. He walks to the dog to add the bones in the bowl and then when the dog tips the bowl and bones fall, he laughs and start over; chasing him around the room a little. Not that this little dog moves fast, but it does move in different directions. You never know when he’ll tip his bowl or when he’ll change direction. Which brings a little challenge to this game. And I’ll say it again: The snap on lid is genius! You play and store it away all-in-one! What a great idea!!”

Here is a link to find it on  Lil Snoopy Tippin Treats


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