New York Toy Fair 2012

We are back from our trip to New York.  For us, going to Toy Fair is always a simultaneous experience of apprehension, exhilaration and exhaustion.  We never stop being amazed at the interesting booths and the scope of product innovations that we see.  It pushes our own boundaries as inventors.  Everywhere you look it’s colors, textures, design and style – Oh, the eye candy!  I can only imagine how boring other conventions must seem after attending this one.

Because we had more meetings scheduled this year, we can’t even give any Giggle Awards for awesome stuff we saw.  We only walked about a tenth of the show.  But, we were impressed with the Hulk. . .he’s SO huge you could barely see my embarrassment as I flexed next to him in the Main Hall in front of everyone.

The few days after the show consists of sorting business cards, writing thank you notes, and generally figuring out where to start on our list of things to do and that brings us up to date.  We are busy now with all the follow up that needs to take place!

We are so excited about our opportunities and where this new year will take Gigglicious!  Stay tuned!

“Never invest in any idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon.”  ~Peter Lynch