ChiTag November 2010

We attended Chicago Toy and Game Fair, ChiTag, in November 2010 at Navy Pier.  It is a public toy show and is such a great event that takes place in the MidWest.  It’s a good opportunity for us to get inspired as we watch adults and kids of all ages playing on the floor with toys, playing games at tables, and riding an enormous rocking horse.  It’s also chance for us to see some friends and show our own little daydreamers what a Toy Fair is all about.  Everybody enjoyed meeting Darth Vader, except our littlest daydreamer who hid whenever he saw him.

What a perfect time to play in Chicago!  Many of the Christmas lights and displays were already up and it was without the Christmas crowds since it was before Thanksgiving.  We saw the Christmas Trees at the Walnut Room and the Palmer House.  Our little daydreamers loved all of it!

We made a trip the next day to the Museum of Science and Industry.  We were literally bubbling over with ideas after looking at all the exhibits.  We brainstormed as we walked over what new products we could make!  Half the fun was continually watching lightbulbs going off over the little daydreamers heads over what they were seeing and learning there.  Just proves that  inspiration can come from anywhere!  Who knows where those ideas will lead us. . .

“After it’s finished, sometimes I can trace a path that goes back to the possible source of inspiration.” -Tracy Chapman